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Embark on a journey of exploration as you delve into our extensive product portfolio, showcasing a spectrum of innovative digital solutions, sophisticated bill management systems, and highly efficient bill aggregation services. Are you ready to redefine your digital experience? Let's engage in a conversation that goes beyond mere discussions — a dialogue that envisions the future of your digital landscape.


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Cooperate Product

Biller Aggregator platform

Discover the ultimate solution for streamlined bills management with our Biller Aggregator Platform – your comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly hub for managing and processing payments.

Effortless Biller Integration

Seamlessly consolidate various billers into one unified platform, simplifying your billing process.

Intuitive Bills Presentment

Organize and categorize bills across different channels for easy access and management.

Customizable White-Label Options

Tailor the platform to fit your brand and specific needs, making it truly yours.

Versatile Omni-Channel Accessibility

Access our platform anywhere, anytime - whether through web, mobile apps, ATMs, POS, internet banking, agency banking, USSD, or IVR systems.

Efficient Bills Operation

Enjoy quick biller onboarding, real-time revenue splits, micro-service components, robust risk management, automatic settlements, and enhanced security features like two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Secure Payment Gateway

Experience the convenience of secure, account or card-based bill payments, ensuring safety and reliability.

Cooperate Product

Pay with Account

Introducing our Direct Debit Management System, tailored for Financial Institutions. Now bank customers can effortlessly use their account numbers for a variety of e-commerce transactions, including recurring payments, loan repayments, and installment purchases. Our platform fosters seamless collaboration between banks and third-party services through robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), taking care of all technological, security, and operational intricacies.

Effortless Merchant Onboarding

Advanced Split Management

Digital Mandate & Tokenization

Authentication & Authorization

Comprehensive Dashboard & Analytics

Detailed Reporting & Transaction Dynamic

Automated Settlement & Reconciliation

Developer-Friendly Sandbox

Reliable Re-query & Reversal Options

Robust Security, Risk & Fraud Managementess Merchant Onboarding

Retail Product

PayGuy mobile application

We realized that the act of paying bills can be quite stressful and annoying, especially when you have to navigate between apps or stores to make such payment. We therefore decided to create an app that would enable you make all your bill payment from the comfort of your phone without any hassles and interference , so you can concentrate on other things that matters.


Retail Product

PIAM Payment gatway

PIAM has been the go-to App for seamless transactions in Nigeria. Since we launched our product thousands of customers have signed up and actively use our product . Download the PIAM Mobile App today and start enjoying swift and efficient transactions by just the use of your unique QR code


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